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Talent Club Education is a Sydney based Company established with a vision to provide effective communication courses to children from kindergarten to year 12. It was established to highlight the best qualities a child possessed and to lay foundation blocks for life-long learning. Through our creative programs we instil insight and knowledge kids need to bring real change in their lives. We expose our children to various openings and experiences so that they can develop resilience and adaptability within a fun loving and secure environment.

Every child is different but by joining our programs they have one goal in common which is to gain knowledge and embrace the challenges of the future and to develop confidence so that they can make a positive impact on other people in the world. Students’ independence and responsibility is fostered through specifically targeted initiatives in all our programs. A spirit of inclusion, caring for others and safety is encouraged throughout the premises of the club.

To help children with life skills we believe a “growth mindset”. When the varsity inculcates this as a practice child start to enjoy learning. They understand that progress takes time and that they keep trying until they succeed. Confidence in speaking, discussion, debate, writing, and problem solving provide an honest start to providing a foundation for acquiring the talents. Students become independent in their own learning, where teachers assume the role of facilitators, guiding them through their learning process.

Everyone will find Talent Club Education to be a dynamic and exciting educational setting where students are well prepared to lead a successful and fulfilling life via our public speaking, debating and creative writing courses. We look forward to a productive and rewarding relationship with all the children and their families.